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Our Week in Haight-Ashbury: Zach’s Psychedelic Sanctuary

The very moment we stepped on to Haight Street, we were offered a bag of weed. We kind of laughed to each other at how cliche of a “welcome” to our new neighborhood it was, and then we played with the idea that maybe we just look like stoners. Reality is such a buzzkill sometimes.

A few days later, in a coffee shop across the street from that very same spot on Haight St., I met a lovely gentleman by the name of Ocean (birth name: Sean.) Ocean owns an investment company and feels passionate about sharing financial advice with small business owners. Immediately after our chat, he left the cafe and walked across the street to buy a bag from our little welcome committee. Ocean left me confused about how we fit in to the whole “Haight” scene, but clear on one thing – we had definitely arrived in San Francisco.

Zach’s flat along the Panhandle was our first Airbnb in the city. We kicked it off with the historically hip and presently strung-out Haight-Ashbury neighborhood (or what we’ve heard a few people call it, the Upper Haight.) While there are certainly aspects of the neighborhood that host the psychedelic charm of a world that we imagine our parents playing in when they were our age, I found the neighborhood to be pretty normal and quaint. While it certainly had it’s fair share of street folk, I can’t really blame them. I mean, the location is amazing. Our Airbnb was literally on the corner of where the Panhandle meets Golden Gate Park! So basically, the main entrance to a breathtaking forest situated right in the middle of the city.

We didn’t actually get to meet Zach, our Airbnb host, so we decided to interview ourselves about what we did in the neighborhood. So here it is, a review of our week in Haight-Ashbury.

Worth noting: We booked this one-week stay before Let’s Bnb was born. From this point forward, a majority of our stays will be at least 28 days. We don’t feel like a week is long enough to fully experience a neighborhood, and you may argue that 28 days isn’t either, but in any case, we want to go back to both Haight-Ashbury and Oakland for a more full experience.

Places we enjoyed eating at:



We went to Zazie for brunch and now Kyle won’t stop talking about their pancakes. We ordered the French Toast Tahiti, the Miracle Pancake, the Monaco, the Albert, and two mimosas. It was fantastic.

Would we go back again?
Without a doubt! We would travel many Munis to go back.


First impression: expensive. Mimosas were like $8. That may be the Austin in me talking, but that’s just not right. We binge-consumed burgers and beers at Magnolia right after we had moved in to our Airbnb. Neither of us really remember the burgers, which leads us to believe that they weren’t that amazing.

Would we go back again?
Honestly, no. I feel like there’s always going to be closer options for future beers and burgers. And while Magnolia was a great option for a hungry Sunday afternoon, I don’t know if I would drag myself across the city for it.

Citrus Club

Their description on Google is “Buzzy Asian Noodle House,” and I’m not even going to fight them on that. I won’t say that it was the best bowl of soup I’ve ever had, but I will say that it was the biggest. Leftovers for days, y’all.

Would we go back again?
Eh. If we’re in the neighborhood and we need noodles, yes.

Places we enjoyed drinking at:



Had a great cocktail and the teeny tiniest scotch egg that ever lived. It was still really delicious though.

Would we go back again?
Yes, but I may need to eat a full meal before and after I go. Also, I went with my friend Jillian, so Kyle has yet to try it out.


Conveniently located right around the corner from our Airbnb, Flywheel was my main spot that I worked from for the week.

Would I go back again?
Yes, but only for the coffee and cute back patio. The atmosphere made me not want to work. It was a little too dark and dreary for me, and I put my bag down on the ground for a second and it got a mystery stain on it. Mystery stains in San Francisco are not fun. 

What we did for fun:


Rode Bikes to Sutro Baths

The Sutro Baths ruins are what is left of a swanky swimming pool club for rich people that burnt down in 1896. The original structure included six saltwater pools, one museum, a 2700 seat amphitheater, 517 dressing rooms, and an ice skating rink. It was massive. What’s left of it is a bunch of rocks that are fun to climb and explore. We mainly just tested our balance and stared at the ocean while wondering what swanky places from our lifetime would burn down and become ruins. It was a fun day.

Scored Vintage Finds on Haight Street 

Ok, fine. Kyle didn’t exactly score vintage finds on Haight Street, but I DID! Snagged a pair of vintage cowgirl boots at a store called Held Over and a cute little wool vest at Buffalo Exchange.

Played in Golden Gate Park

Besides the view from our room, the proximity to Golden Gate Park was our favorite thing about staying in Zach’s Airbnb. The entrance to the park was literally right across the street, and you better believe we took advantage of that. Lunch time bike ride to the Tulip Garden? Yes, please. 

Gawked at the cuteness of Cole Valley

Haight-Ashbury sits right above Cole Valley and the two are literally so on top of one another that our Muni stop to downtown was in Cole Valley. Every day we’d just stand at the corner of Cole and Carl as we waited for the N and host our own version of the cute Olympics. Spoiler alert: everything in sight was a winner.

Our thoughts on the location:

We would totally live there in a heartbeat and if you have a one-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood of the two thousands that you want to rent to us, we should hang out immediately.

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This post was written on the back patio of Sugarlump, a cafe in the Mission. The wifi is deece and the happy hour is deecer. We’d recommend it if you’re in the area. 

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